F2PTP First Two Past The Post

This website introduces a new parliamentary voting system.

It’s easy to explain and is highly proportional.



  1. Current constituencies are merged with a neighbour to halve their overall number and parties present candidates as they do now. People vote for a single candidate as they do under FPTP but the first and second placed candidates are elected making the total number of MPs the same.
  2. When in parliament each member, when voting, casts the exact number of votes they received in the election.


F2PTP retains the direct link between MPs and their constituents
It is simple to explain and implement
It eliminates tactical voting
It eliminates wasted votes
A third more people actually get the MP they voted for
It is more proportional than any other system
Every successful vote is kept alive and active throughout an entire parliament
It makes every constituency an effective marginal
It eliminates the blue/red national divisions entirely
Constituency sizes become much less critical meaning that natural boundaries can be used
It is clear who has won without the need for a computer or a reallocation of ‘secondary votes’

Isn’t such a system at least worth proper evaluation?

The system has been applied retrospectively to the 2010 and 2015 general elections and the results inclided in the paper below

CLICK HERE: to download the PDF.